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Explore Songkhla City

Get to know more about the attraction sites in Songkhla & Explore the to do things in Songkhla

Songkhla is a city with a long prosperous human civilization history.  Archaeologists have good proof for the same. It has an interesting tradition inherited from ancestors. Vacation destinations in Songkhla give grouped styles of movement some ocean, lake, woodland, cascade, and so on. Songkhla is the capital of Songkhla Province in Southern Thailand. The city is encompassed by shorelines and is frequently called “the great city on two seas”. A visit to Songkhla will move you to a different universe – one that you won’t have any desire to leave. In this way, to limit or if nothing else give you a beginning stage for your touring, look at probably the coolest spots in Songkhla. 

From a couple of decades, Songkhla has been rapidly developed and is presently an extraordinary fascination worth visiting. Favored with characteristic assets, for example, fine beaches or shorelines, charming cascades, and a tranquil lake, the territory has a plenitude of vacation destinations and a stunning number of seaside hotel towns. In addition, the old segment of Songkhla still keeps up its one of a kind character of old and chronicled enhances through local architecture and cuisine-beverages. 

While Songkhla is noted as a fishing network set in a pleasant atmosphere, Hat Yai, then again, fills in as the transportation and correspondences center point of the south with connections to different destinations in the neighboring regions and Malaysia.  Songkhla is a mixture of Thais, Chinese and Malays, and charms guests with its interesting customs, tongue, and people diversion. These attributes are impressions of the region’s rich cultural heritage, which has been safeguarded and passed from age to age.

Top attractions in Songkhla

Tang Kuan Hill

Street Art Songkhla

Songkhla Old Town

Thale Noi Waterbird Park

Laem Samila

Golden Mermaid Statue

Songkhla Lake

Underwater World

Songkhla's Shrine City Pillar

Songkhla National Museum