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kamalaya and colossal vacation

Kamalaya – A Wellness Retreat par excellence!

Healing | Discover | Breath | Reconnect

Kamalaya is set in the lap of nature! Situated on a truly extraordinary southern coastal landscape of Koh Samui, climbing from a reef-protected beach to a 55-metre-high hilltop amidst tropical vegetation. The guests are spoilt by the perfect setting and the kind of aura Kamalaya has, which is sensed as soon as one steps inside the retreat.

Programs are designed to provide the most optimal benefits that the guests intend to take away out of the various available schedules they choose from. The programs are aimed at touching you at physical, mental, and psychological to spiritual levels to deliver a truly holistic experience.

From Detoxification and Cleansing to Healthy Lifestyle focusing on weight management and sleep enhancement. From Stress & Burnout focused program aimed at revitalizing, rejuvenation, and re-balancing of the body to Mental & Emotional Healing through meditation, pranayama, and yoga, there are more than 70 services at the wellness sanctuary.

Cuisine is as important a component as the activities are, so they are integrated in your journey of attaining high mental health, and body & mind balance. The cuisine is inspired from both Eastern and Western culinary traditions. Those on Detox or Weight Management programs have different menus to choose from, based on Kamalaya’s proven knowledge of Asian healing traditions and nutritional research.

Let us know your specific requirement and expectation from Kamalaya’s wellness programs and we shall be happy to guide you with the one that will suit your requirement.

We wish you all a happy and healthy mind.

Come to Kamalaya, and experience true bliss!

Kamalaya and colossal vacation
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