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Fun & Adventure

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Fun & Adventure

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If you consider yourself as a thrill person who loves adventure in each and every part of life. Then definitely Thailand is gonna give you an amazing experience for life time, because here you have a list of things which you can perform in your holiday. So get set and go and explore the most thrilling adventurous journey.

Adventure & Life

Adventures In Thailand

Life is all about to explore the hidden things and adventure in the nature, and we are on that journey.

Person should always add on adventure trip in his life, because by these trips you will learn so many things and those experiences you can add in your life to grow in personal and professional level. These trips will give you the new horizon for happiness, come out of comfort zone, teaching and learning phases. Sometimes people meet their fear and after that they come out as winner, who will always become a leader in their life, as they have already tasted the utmost experience in their adventurous life. So keep sharing your thrilling moments with Colossal Vacation

Bungee Jumping

It is the time when you have to conquer your fears and come out of the comfort zone and taste the real adventure by doing the Bungee jumping (Bungy jumping). It is designed to fill you with excitement and pumped you.

Flight of the Gibbon

If you ever dreamed of flying like a bird, then it is the time to make that dream come true not by sitting in a plane but by ziplines. This activity you can perform in the stunning forest which is covered with sky bridge on which you gonna travel from one place to another.


Hiking is good for health as it makes you strong, clear the mind and reduce stress, improve your sleep quality, improve your memory, make your happier and and reduce your depression and anxiety.


Kiteboarding is an intense workout activity which depend on wind, water and your riding style. It is sort of muscular workout though it is good for overall health but you need to perform it on the supervision of some expert until you yourself become an expert on that. It frees your mind and mood from any sort of tension.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is became one of the most popular outdoor activities for travelers because it improves your heart health, less stress on your joints, decrease risk of illness, increase brain power, reduce stress and tension, whole body perform perfectly, you meet and enjoy nature and you get a sound sleep after a ride on bike over mountain.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing provides you physical as well as mental benefits, as it builds muscle and flexibility. When you climb mountains or any rock your arm & shoulder become stronger, it builds your neck and back, improves your cardio strength. It builds your confidence and you become more aware of yourself.

Scuba Diving With Whale Sharks

Scuba Diving strengthen your flexibility, maintain your blood pressure, resolve your breathing issues, maintain your fitness level, when you interact with marine life it fills your body with excitement, awe and wonder and it is a great stress reliever.


Skydiving is the activity which will give you physical and mental strength. You will feel energetic and excited as this activity requires intense control over mind. Which is a good thing for your life. And it increases the positivity in your life.


Surfing is a vigorous cardiovascular workout which helps to improve your overall health condition and protect your heart, this training program and workout to strengthen all of your muscles. It makes you physically strong, helps with weight loss, provide mental peace, it adds flexibility and stamina.


Trekking is the activity which continuously tests your strength especially legs, your muscles, trekker has to climb some mountain as well. There are many benefits of doing this activity like reducing stress, good for overall health of body and joint problems, builds strong bones, agile muscles, cleanses the lungs, build the robust heart, mental health, cool mind and excellent focus. So enjoy your trekking with your friends it will builds your relationship as well.


Wakeboarding is considered as one of the fun water activities, for this activity you need strong arms and good fitness. It improves mental concentration, boosts your swimming ability, develops hand eye coordination, improves flexibility in the hands and feet, great entertainment, social advantages etc.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is gaining popularity because it add on fun and excitement in your life, increase mental health, reduce stress, improve your self esteem, sense of well being, give you a sound sleep at night, boosts your brain power and increase your team bonding. As you do this activity with your buddies and it will increase your confidence. 

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