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Thailand has everything you need to rejuvenate!


Thailand has everything you need to rejuvenate!

Everybody loves to be pampered and what if a vacation can turn into a fabulous zone for some beauty treatment with fitness seasons. Sounds great then here is how Indian travelers can enjoy their monsoon time on a “rejuvenation short break”. Book your resort spas at Bangkok and Phuket by availing off-season offers and make the most of the ancient healing systems of Thai Yoga that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. SPA breaks are a trending option with corporate travelers . Bangkok is one of the most visited places in Thailand from Indian people, because you can easily get the flights to land in Thailand. For those who seek some relaxation in the upcoming festival holiday seasons then luxury spa resorts that offer active trails and hike outings too can be an apt selection. Here one can choose to spend the day enjoying the pitter patter as spa sessions begin with head and shoulder massage to relieve stress and then move to addon some beauty on your beautiful skin and hair, because will find many spas and parlour there who use natural stuff to make your skin shine.

Luxury amidst nature in Thailand

We suggest a trip to Nakhon Pathom in Thailand. An area of great historical importance. It blends the features of archeological and religious treasures. One of the foremost  being the Phra Pathom Chedi, which is considered the first religious landmark that signified the introduction of Buddhism to Thailand.

Photography enthusiasts are bound to find the plains along the Tha Cheen River quite fascinating. The fertile lands of Amphoe Nakhom Chaisi, Amphoe SamPhran, and Amphoe Bang Len make for some great shots as it provides agricultural opportunities for the locals, and thus, there are vast plantations, corp farms and fruit orchads here. As you make you’re your road trip, stop by to take some shots with lotus flower collectors in the early morning hours. Definitely try the delicious “Pomelo” fruit. There are many who call Nakhom Pathom the sweet pomelo town with good reason.

Bird watching in mangrove swamps: Ko phra Thong enjoys the title of “Safari in the midst of the Andaman’s”. There is also a beach that stretches along the west coast, the mangrove swamps on the northern and eastern part of the island. Camping fun with wildlife trekking is guaranteed here with your kids. 

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