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Top backpacking destinations in Thailand

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Major backpacking destinations in Thailand?

Thailand is acclaimed for its exceptional view, culture, and food, just as a magnificently benevolent environment and a minimal cost of living. We’ve chosen the top spots to see, which is a convenient place to visit, Thailand explorer trail from north to south, highlighting a wide range of attractions. While our rundown isn’t complete (new places are being found constantly), it records indisputably the must-sees. Thailand is most likely the number one spot for backpacking destinations on the planet earth. This place is best for couples, travelers, friends, oldies for yoga, and mediations. Simply, we can say Thailand itself is a destination for many reasons. for many travelers, it is an Asian culture hub. 

Top spots to visit in Thailand as a backpacker

If you have been in Thailand you must have realized these places are indeed the best choice, if you are the first-timer then please read the article full heartly and jot down important things to remember for your next trip to Thailand as a backpacker.

Important points keep in mind while backpacking trip to Thailand

If you are traveling as a backpacker in Thailand, there will be many unexplored places that you can explore as a backpacker. Ensures that you will prepare and plan well, regardless of how well known and voyager friendly that place would be, Thailand is, with regards to solo travel, here are few tips which should remember before arranging an excursion to Thailand. 

  • Advance bookings help budget
  • Stay in hostels
  • Learn some cultural activities and etiquette
  • Enjoy street food
  • Pack light stuff as you are in a backpacking trip
  • Use public transport
  • Buy local sim
  • Be safe and awake for safety purposes.
  • Carry Thai cash
  • Get travel insurance
  • Stay hydrated & healthy 

While in backpacking tour to Thailand which food & drink you should choose:

  • Pad Thai
  • Geng kheaw wan gai
  • Pad see eiw
  • Guay teow
  • Sticky rice with mango
  • Spring rolls
  • Som tam
  • Tom yum goong
  • Roti
  • Cha yen

Thailand is a hub for learning cooking classes for different cuisine, enjoy each and every food in street to five-star hotels & restaurants.

Thailand travel tips mostly for backpackers as they have to take care of themselves:

  • Don’t drink the tap water 
  • Always agree on a price before taking a tuk-tuk
  • Beware of scams
  • Wear a full helmet while having a motorcycle ride
  • Learn to bargain on markets

Thailand is an explorer’s heaven. This affordable nation has something for everybody, regardless of whether you like to move the entire night under the full moon, unwind on lovely seashores, or zip-line through the timberland, Thailand’s the spot for you. So visit Thailand and praise this beautiful country. Happy traveling to you backpackers!!!

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